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How it works

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Angels Cafe

We invite you to share your daily miracle to other New Yorker’s who  are struggling with homelessness and hunger by making a donation to  provide breakfast box miracles.


40% of all Café profits will be donated to our not-profit affiliate

North Brooklyn Angels.

Miracle Sea Buckthorn

20% of all Miracle Juice sales will fund Your Daily Miracle wellness initiatives to support our  community experiencing homelessness, such as supplying regular shower trucks, first aid kits and access to  haircuts.

No marketing.


Our goal with Miracle Juice is to nourish your health and wellness while providing what  our community struggling with homelessness needs the most.

North Brooklyn Angels

These are the angels behind the Your Daily Miracle scene.

Everyday, these angels from the North Brooklyn Angels (NBA) will volunteer to prepare 50 breakfasts from  The Angel’s Cafe irrespective of additional customer donations. The NBA food truck will pick up the freshly  prepared breakfasts every morning at 9am to be delivered directly to the community (NBA meal sites).


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