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What is Sea Buckthorn?

The sea buckthorn berry, called “the miracle berry”, by respected physicians, is a superfood rich in nutrients – over 190 biologically active nutrients.

Our sea buckthorn berries are organic and a great source of Vitamin C.

A single berry contains the same amount of vitamin C as 10 oranges!

  • Why miracle berry?
    ⭐️ 9X higher than Acai berry in antioxidant. ⭐️ One of the most concentrated sources of Vitamin C ever discovered. 10x more than found in an orange. ⭐️ 3x more Vitamin A than found in carrots. ⭐️ 4x more superoxide dismutase (SOD) than ginseng. ⭐️ Contains ALL 4 omega fatty acids, including the rare omega-7.
  • What are the benefits of Sea Buckthorn?
    Here are just some of the ways that sea buckthorn’s miraculous nutritional properties can help the body to maintain optimal health: 🔸Powerful Antioxidant 🔸Aids focus and concentration 🔸Promotes heart and cardiovascular system health 🔸Boost the immune system 🔸Supports healthy pregnancy and development 🔸Promotes skin health, healing and fights cellular aging.
  • Where does Sea Buckthorn come from?
    Sea Buckthorn is a miracle of nature used for centuries in traditional healing systems. Used for centuries for its medicinal properties throughout Asia, Alexander the Great discovered sea buckthorn’s healing and restorative properties and brought trees back to Europe for cultivation. Still, modern education, exposure to and access to sea buckthorn to date has been limited. Grown only in the northern hemisphere and requiring careful harvesting techniques, it has become a staple in areas where they are grown locally. Sea Buckthorn is now grown in North America, in parts of Canada. The work of a passionate few have allowed sea buckthorn to grow in exposure and popularity.

We get those questions all the time!


Everybody needs a 

We blend the incredibly healthful benefits of SUPERFOOD sea buckthorn with delicious organic fruits and vegetables without ANY ADDED SUGAR for targeted support and with flavors the whole family will love.

Each of our juices has a unique formulation that highlights
the nutritious qualities of each ingredient.
They work together with

“The Miracle Berry”
to deliver targeted support, for your
toughest workouts, and your busiest,
most challenging days.


3 delicious juice blends
in flavor combinations kids love.
Supports the immune system, assists cognitive function, and aids overall good health.

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